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Algae overgrowth and finnex stingray light

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So I'm sure this is a topic that is beat to death, but every tank is different. Ive been battling algae, mostly black beard algae, and green spot algae, and I can't seem to get rid of it. I have a 60 gallon tank that is 48" long, 24" high" and 12" wide. I bought a light off of Amazon thinking it would be a good light since I was new to keeping live plants. (The BeamWorks DA FSPEC LED light is the one I purchased) thinking it would get to the bottom of the tank. Now I'm thinking that I may be the cause of my algae problem. It is a 10,000k light. I've been looking at the finnex stingray 48" light on aquarium coops site. Would it be a good light for my tank? I'm also dosing co2, easy green and now some easy carbon. The tank has been established for a little over a year now. Live plants include; Amazon sword, Java fern, jungle Val and regular Val, dwarf aquarium lily and pogostemon Stellatus. Thanks for you help guys and gals. 

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Adding a different light won't fix your algae problem. I would try to siphon some of the hair algae out, turn down your lighting schedule, so if your lights are on for 12hrs a day turn it down to 8-10 hrs a day, if your lights are on at 10 hrs a day turn them down to 8 hours a day. Amano shrimp will help eat your algae.

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