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Is Scarlet Temple a root feeder?


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Does Scarlet Temple prefer to feed from its roots, or gather nutrients from the water column? 

I have been making this long piece of cholla wood into a movable plant wall, and obviously the rhizome plants love it, but was wondering about scarlet temple. I want to add some more red tk the tank, but would hate to lose one of my stems of this pretty plant to a test if it’s a doomed endeavor. 

This is my 10 gallon betta and ramshorn snail tank. 



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It seems like it could be preferable to feed from its roots, especially since it really seems to benefit from roots tabs and an iron additive (which a lot of people include as additions in their substrate/soil). If it doesn’t seem to be looking good, maybe relocate the plant to a spot you’ve had more success with, and see if that improves the plant’s quality or not. Then it’ll be process of elimination. 

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