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10 gallon Cube is coming along, myro is growing like crazy. The Fluval nano led light is a really good light still playing with the settings to get it just right(have it on manual with all the lights on 26 except blue light 3). I use easy green once a week. My monte carlo seems to still be alive i had it for 3 months but its not carpeting. Im gonna try CO2. I have an assassin snail to try in get rid of all the pest snails. Does anyone know of another attractive snail i could put in my tank that the assassin snail wont bother? Somthing that will help clean tank?


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You could try pygmy cories or shrimp instead! I’m not sure if those will be okay with whatever fish you’re planning to put in later though.

I’ve also heard that Monte Carlo is really hard to get carpeting in a low tech setup. I love the way it looks but I’ve never tried to grow it myself.

Welcome to the forum!

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