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How concerned should I be?


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I found a dying rice fish tonight with what appears to be some sort of intestinal complication and a red spot. I've had this fish along with 6 others in a 5 gallon tub for two weeks now. Since I can really only view them from above it's hard for me to say if this was showing any signs earlier.

Nitrate 30

Nitrite 0

Gh 300

Kh 40

Ph 6.8

Temp ~65 room temp




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So it's a couple days later and now I am observing what appears to be a swim bladder issue in another of the rice fish. It looks like the anus might be swollen and maybe has fungus or mucus around it.


It is also swimming off balance. 

Is this a digestive issue? Since the water is 65 degrees. Is it parasites? Since this is the second fish to have the same affected area. I am going to move it in the specimen container to a heated aquarium to observe. What other treatments should I look into?

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