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Which would be the best tank mate for a flowerhorn?


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I saw a list of possible tank mates for a flowerhorn.  Which one would you get and why?

Jack Dempsey


Blood Parrots

Tiger barbs

Green Severum

Green Terror


Texas cichlid

I want them to grow up together and not pick on each other for size difference.  I've heard that some of these fish will interact with people which would be great and would defintely be the winner?  What do you think?  Or would some other fish be better?

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While some fish can work, like the list above. I've kept flowerhorn, and while it can be done, the fish display much much nicer alone. There's no competition for food, sparring to mark them up etc. You can grow a very attractive fish alone. Unless you really want to have tankmates. 

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