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So I have been battling algae for a couple months now. Looks like a mix of BBA , blue green and a brown/green  sludge . I can scrap the majority off the big leaves with fingers but not all. Brought light intensity down from at its highest 80% ( have a fluval 3.0 set at a 13 hour cycle ramping up 4 hours to max for 2 hours then ramping down for 7 hours) to 60% for max intensity. Have also been battling nitrates. Was getting readings of 40/80 ppm 2 days after 50-70% water changes. This week I have done 3 water changes and stopped using fertilizer to keep it in the 10-20 range. I tried spot treatment with easy carbon and at first seemed to help some but then did nothing. Tried hydrogen peroxide this week in spot treatment but a little nervous about dosing whole tank. As far as a clean up crew I have 2 bristlenose plecos and some MTS but trying to find bladder snails. I have South American/central American cichlids and Ornate Bichirs so shrimp won’t work. Any advice would help. I could cut my hours of light down with continuing getting nitrates under control to help but am lost. Bought all these plants and they are almost all covered in some kind of algae. 



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I would get more bristles nose pleco l have two in my 50 but for a75 would put 4 1male 3females with reduced lighting hour that will help reduce aglae put some floating plants in to help lower nitrates

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