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How many tanks do you have?


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Currently set up and running

93 cube

4- 40 breeder

8- 10 gallon

4- 5.5 gallon

4- 20long

After the holidays, I am doing a remodel of my fish room, I am moving some stuff that's in the area that doesn't get used and putting up another rack, will be getting rid of 3 of the 20 longs and replacing with eight 20 tall, I am keeping one of the 20long because I am going to build myself one of the fry rearing systems like @Dean’s Fishroomhas built, and several others have copied as well. 

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I have

  • 4 display tanks with fish 
  • 3 plastic tubs one of which is turtle's
  • 1 former QT now permanently occupied
  • 2 small betta tanks
  • and 1 tank with apple snails. 

I also consider 2 tanks of my spouse to be half-mine because I feed the fishes. So 12 in total.  I need to reduce this number...

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I live in less than 600sf apartment with my teenager.

We have 10:

  • a 5 gallon
  • a 7.5 gallon
  • 4x 10 gallons
  • a 12 gallon
  • a 20 gallon High
  • a 29 gallon
  • a 48gallon

We also have a cat, a parakeet, 2 ball pythons in large enclosures, and a Leopard gecko.

Yes, we are crazy, and likely in heavy violation of our lease. No, it actually doesn't feel crowded at all, nor have I damaged any part of my apartment.

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I am down to 6 aquariums running from 15. I decided to cut back after getting a new overnight position with a rotating schedule. it has been difficult to have a set water change schedule. 

3x 10 gallon - Opae ula Shrimp / CPD, Cherry shrimp, Pigmy Cory's / Platies( Still deciding between Kuhli loaches or Corys)

1x 20 gallon High - Guppies, Chery Shrimp

1x 54 gallon Corner - Goldfish, Dojo Loaches

1x 65 gallon - Rainbow fish ( Corys to come once the tank matures.)


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I have 1 empty 3 gallon.

I have a 4 gallon Betta tank.

I have a 29 gallon with 3 guppies and 1 SAE.

I have a 5.5 gallon with 7 baby guppies.

I have a 10 gallon geriatric tank that I know is overstocked and the schools of fish are slow but I do a lot of water changes, the tank is with 3 Platy's, 1 Indian Glass fish that is 4 years old, and 1 about 2 year old Zebra Danio.

I have another 10 gallon with 3 guppies which I had to remove from the 5.5 when they had babies.

I take care of my moms 5.5 gallon betta tank.

I also take care of my homeroom teachers 4 gallon betta tank.

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