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Overdosing on Ich-x


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My fish have been fighting ick for 3-4 days now.  Started with a low dose treatment of API super ick cure (that's what I had left at the time)and ordered some ICH-X. Today I did a 50 % water change and added ICH-X but I just figured out I gave double the dosage recommended!  What should I do?  Should I do another 50% water change an not add anything else?

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I have answerd a simmilar question in another thread. infact this thread will answer lots of your questions heres a link:

You can see how I responded it to.

I'm sorry the API Super Ick sure wasn't working for you, I used and it worked for me, I doesed it every day (regardless of what the bottle said) and did a water change on the 5th and then the final day.

Don't worry about over dosing the recemonded amount as I said in the other thread, I feel like med companys will recemond an amount that is a lot different from the point where it can be dentremental to your fish. 

Think of it like your water conditioner, if doesed too much it can be dentermental to your fish. But thats only if you does the entire bottle instead of half a teaspoon.

With the ich x, dose it everyday (regardless of what the bottle says) doing a waterchange on the third and fifth day of treatment. 

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