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Cat spooked my fish!


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Good Morning

I just finished treating my Betta for water shock, and she was recovering fine. Water parameters have been perfect for two days. I was breathing a sigh of relief.

Now, before I noticed, my cat was on the table next to the aquarium with her head in the bowl. My fish must've been spooked, because now she isn't moving. My cat has never done this before.

Is there anything I can do? A treatment?

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I saw your post a couple days ago about the water shock and I'm glad your betta is doing better. I think the best thing to do for your little fishy friend is to provide it with stability. A stable environment is much better than one that is always changing. Your fish will most likely come around with some time but it sounds like it has had a pretty rough few days and a stable environment will do loads more good than any chemical or medicine.

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If the betta is stressed a few things will help:

-a clean fish tank - the most important

-salt, at 2 tsp every 3ish gallons ratio - may help, but not a big deal if you don't have any

All though bettas are extremeley hardy fish, and so I wouldn't worry about it too much. Just give him clean water and have patience.

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