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Guppy not doing well

Karen B.

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@Cory Could you help me please?


My 5 guppies in my 10 gallons had gill flukes. I treated them with the trio meds and they stopped flashing. After a week (yesterday) I did a 40% wc/syphoned, removed my plastic decor and replaced it with real plants. I fed them a little bit of North fin fry food.
I have a HOB filter with a presponge filter and a aquarium coop air sponge filter (I only squeeze a little bit the presponge filter yesterday in aquarium water because it was gross)
This morning when I woke my guppy, one was swimming vertically with its head up. 1 was laying on the bottom breathing rapidly, one was swimming around bumping into everything as if blind and breathing fast.
I wonder if I startled them because I did wake them 6 hours earlier. Now they are swimming, sometimes the 5 of them together but they are agressive and bumping into each other. Some still breathing fast.
My fry is ok, so is my snail.
2 of my fishes had long stringny poop and there is a lot of poop laying around in the aquarium.
My pH dropped from 7.4 to 6.8-7
Nitrate are between 10-20 (I dosed aquarium coop easy green)
Nitrite 0
Ammonia is .25ppm
I will do a 25% wc, use prime and stability but I am wondering what is happening?
Did I crash my cycle?
Should I redose for internal parasite (which one? Paracleasne or Maracyn?)
Could I have overdosed with prime/stability?
I use aquarium long gloves and I washed/disinfected them 3 days ago with bleach. Some bleach solution got inside the gloves but I turned it upside down/rinced it in prime treated water, let it entirely dry... could I have poisoned my fish?
Am kinda lost. Sorry for the long message. 
What should I do next beside wc and panicking?
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Just now, H.K.Luterman said:

Does your PH normally move around? Have you checked your KH and GH levels? I would first make sure everything is ok with your cycle/water chemistry before treating with more meds. 

pH is usually around 7.6 or 7.8.

Gh is 9, Kh is 3

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I'm not an expert by ANY means, but your Kh seems a little low. Have you tried adding anything to your water to help buffer it? Typically a good solution is adding a little mesh bag or crushed coral into your filter. Buffering your Kh will keep your Ph from moving around.

I would keep monitoring your cycle every day for the next few days, and do water changes if any ammonia/nitrite is present. See if that helps the symptoms.


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