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Hi! New here! Question for you.


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Hi! I've been watching your channel for awhile now and it just me. 

Why buy fish from Japan etc that are wild caught? 

Are there no local fish breeders that can fulfill the same?

Just concerned about all the fish disappearing in the world. 

I've had fish on and off over my 50 years, have a turtle tank going now with guppies & orange minnows. Love them!  My turtle inside now is a Diamondback Terrapin 8 months in a 50 gallon. Supposed to be a female but nope. 

Pond out back are a Res & Red Belly Cooter, both 15 years. Both males.  *sigh* ok I'm done!  Lol! Nice to be here! 


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There is nothing wrong with buying from a breeder or your lfs. But when people see the "wild caught tag" in the store, they walk away.

Catching wild fish for the aquarium industry is a huge part of the economy is some contries, some people depend on it to stay alive. There is a cool video cory put out about him in peru that explains a lot of it, heres a link:


There is a 5 dollar movie that you can watch its called "wild caught" heres a link to rent it:


its only 5$ and its a documentey that explains a lot.

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Hi @Crysti, so glad you joined us here on the forum. It sounds like you've got your hands full with turtles and guppies and minnows. At least you have a way to control the guppy population! LoL!!!

As for your questions, @James Black gave you good answers and awesome videos to watch! Keep hanging around here and you'll learn all kinds of things...at least I know *I* certainly have! It's a great place for educational input. And we're happy to have you here to add your expertise about turtles to the rest of the knowledge base! 🙂

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