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Well that depends. Would that floating plant have any part outside the water? If so you are going to need some kind of open airspace for healthy growth where it won't be crammed next to the hot light. If not, than it doesn't matter. I have lucky bamboo and gold ribbon (not floating plants) and about 50 percent of it is outside of the water and has no lid. I just try to keep all of the leaves outside the water. Hope this helps!

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I've got duckweed, red root floaters, salvinia minima, frogbit, water sprite, water hyacinths, and dwarf water lettuce all as floaters and I love them. (Not so much the duckweed.) The frogbit, water sprite, water hyacinths, and water lettuce have long roots that go deep into the water if that's a look you want. The salvinia and red root floaters have shallower roots and don't descend into the tank as much. The deep roots give fry hiding places if that's a priority of yours. All of them need to be weeded out fairly frequently or they'll block the surface completely.

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