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Hello from South Wales, United Kingdom


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Hi everyone,

My name is Joe and our family have bought our first ever aquarium 3 months ago. It was purchased from our local fish store and is a Jewel Rio 180 litre. Only adjustment we have made was replacing the lower sponge cartridge with ceramic rings instead of sponge to encourage more bacteria growth. We love just watching the tank and enjoying all that’s going on in their little world. Been a bit stressed with algae but am learning to be patient and make small adjustments and wait. Only suffering from a little stag horn algae now, but not too much. 
we have a mix of Neon Tetra, Lemon Tetra, Betta, Otto and Corys .

Also amano, cherry, bamboo and giant African shrimp. Just love the shrimp. The cherry are already breeding and we have a slow increase in their numbers. The babies are so cool.

Its all live plants with a small rough gravel of 2 different sizes. Have used tropics plants and root tabs and am daily dosing TNC lite fertiliser. 
Looking forward to chatting with you all. I have been listening to all of Corys livestreams whilst at work and have learnt allot from them. Many thanks Cory.


Hope your all keeping safe and well.

take care...



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