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Crypt grows and dies back.


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I’ve been having trouble with my crypt wenti red. It’s grows for a few days and then the leaves die off and it does it again. Not sure what to do. I’m currently running a nicrew led on this tank for 10 hours a day in a 20 gallon with all easy green and root tabs. Needs help to figure out what to do.

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could it be the light is too strong for the plant?

is the tank new or has it been running for a while? read this about crypto Beckettii but it might apply here as well.


"This plant is very sensitive to environmental changes and will take a long time (usually over a month) to establish in your tank, but is still one of the best crypts to keep in a tank.

It is also a slow grower, but don’t try to keep it in strong light to accelerate growth or it may suffer from crypt melt in which it loses all its leaves when planted in a new tank, most likely due to a high nitrate concentration, sudden changes in its environment, or passing from living immersed to fully submerged.

Most experienced aquarists suggest planting it in well-established tanks, which are a minimum of three months old. Freshly set aquariums have changing water chemistry and make it very hard for the C. Beckettii to adapt to its new habitat."

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