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-Bettas- Female Stress Stripes


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Hello again. I'm looking for some advice or clarity on my female bettas stress stripes. She's only about a few months old and still practically a fry when I got her. She's from a chain pet store but in great conditions and perfectly healthy. She's been with me now since October. A very small betta, probably the runt of a fry batch. 

She was a little pale when I first got her but has helped to color up a lot. Her stress stripes come and go very quickly and suddenly. She's a very social and energetic fish and I'm wondering if its just too much excitement and freaking out causing it to happen. She's got a heater, live plants, an air stone, filter, hides and everything. Just more of a what do you think question I guess. 

There's a picture of when I first got her, compared to one a few months ago when she colored up and calmed down. She has these moments kind of like spasms and they flash and appear. It's mainly when I'm in the front of the tank and giving the attention.



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One thought is if she healthy and responsive it is probably okay. If she is active and eating, no visible sign of disease... If I startle my male (bump the glass loudly or disturb too much when cleaning the gravel) he will hide behind the drift wood in his tank but otherwise he is swimming up to the glass when ever I get near his tank.

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