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New baby Blood Parrot


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I got a new baby Blood Parrot a few weeks ago. I forgot how cute they are when they're little. 😍


It was pretty shy and timid, so I put a handful of Platies in the quarantine tank to make it a little more comfortable. Now not only does it come out more, but follows the Platies around like everything they do is the most interesting thing it's ever seen. ( the photo looks like it's thinking about snacking on the Platy, but it has never gone past getting unusually close, staring, and just general creepiness that I've witnessed so far) 


It's got awhile before it joins the big fish in the big tank, but it's settling in with it's new temporary friends nicely. This little guy destroyed an entire population of small bladder and ramshorn snails within a matter of days. 


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Blood Parrots are really fun goofy cute fish. I love how they look. If I had the space and budget I'd definitely want to keep them. Honestly some people say fish don't have some personalities but if you pay attention enough they really do especially if you take the time to watch the behavior. 

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