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Hi guys, 

As I was feeding my aquarium this morning, I happened to notice what appeared to be some type of worm. At first I thought that they could be Planaria Worms but Chris and I concluded that they more closely resemble Detritus Worms. 

From my understanding, proper identification is key, so if someone could confirm that these are in fact Detritus Worms, I'd appreciate it! And under this assumption, it is not a huge problem in an aquarium. 

I am wondering what your experiences have been with Detritus Worms and whether or not you let them be or tried to eradicate them. 

Looking forward to reading your responses. 

Thank you for the help! 😊


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5 minutes ago, Maggie said:

I had worms (I believe detritus) brought in on plants. I read that they're harmless, and have not seen any since introducing rasboras to the tank! 😀

Ahhh, haha! They don't bother me but it's good to know that Rasboras could be the secret 😉


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5 minutes ago, PotatoFish said:

Yeah, those look like detritus worms! I say enjoy them 😄 They are a wonderful part of a live aquarium, though if you're looking to get rid of them, I recommend guppies or platys. My guppies cleaned the whole tank of them really quickly.

Thank you! Yeah, they're fascinating, considering haha. It's a livebearer tank so we shall see how long they last. Lol!

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In my experience i began my 55 gallon planted nano tank with a junky gravel vac that didnt remove much detritus. About 6-7 months in i upgraded to a better gravel vac with a 2 inch mouth and discovered not only have i not been removing detritus properly from my tank, but i had a massive detritus worm infestation i had sucked out into my water change bucket. From what i have gathered they do help make up a more balanced ecosystem. After all the do eat detritus, and any that venture out of the gravel become snacks for fish. My new gravel vac does help keep the population in check now and i dont seem to suck out nearly as much. I view them like those pest snails, they are just a bonus critter for my happy tank

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