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Ap 50 air pump strength.


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Hey guys idk if this is where I should ask but, I was wondering will a ap 50 air pump run three sponge filters? I have a 29 gal with a large sponge filter ran by one of these, I wanted to set up a ten gallon with a small sponge filter and a I had the thought that maybe with the 4 way gang valve I could maybe add second small sponge filter to my to my 29 gal to increase flow on the other side of the tank, not really for more filtration. 


So I guess I have a list of questions, do you think it could run three, one large, and two smalls. Or even just one large and one small for a ten gallon. Do you think I would even need a second small filter for increased flow in a 29 gallon about 22 and a half gallons of water volume with my scape? also is the gang valve the best way to do that? Thanks guys. 

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