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Juan colin

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I use the end of my siphon tube to vacuum waste off the surface of my substrate. This might sound gross, but I partially plug the draining end of the tube with my thumb so the water drains really slowly. It’s enough suction to lift the poop but very little water comes out so I only have to top it off when I’m done. Yes, that means all the poop runs past my thumb. But life = poop. If you want fish, or a cat, or chickens, or a child, or any other living thing, you also get poop. It’s the price we pay, and I think it’s worth it. 

Sorry, I got a little philosophical there 😅

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18 hours ago, Juan colin said:

Is there another way to remove fish waste from the aquarium without doing a water change because my fish are literal waste factorys even though i feed one day yes one day no


I made a DIY air lift vacuum with leftover/free supplies -  canister tubing, airline tubing, zip tie, pantyhose.  Simple to use with an air pump, works well with sand substrate.


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