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First Cichlid Tank (90 Gallon)

Andrew Puhr

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Looking to start up my first Cichlid Tank soon. 

Its a 90 Gallon with Sump. 

Planning to set it up with a lot of rock work and a gravel island in the center heavily planted with Jungle Val for a line of sight block. The rest of the substrate will be a combination of pool filter and black diamond sand mixed. 

Not sure what would be best for color, personality, and limited aggression. 

I was thinking small M/F groups of yellow labs, pseudotropheus acei, and pseudotropheus saulosi. I was going to get them all as juveniles from local breeders to help with aggression but not sure what numbers I should focus on and if this group will work or if I should look at other fish groupings. 

Just looking for advice from Cichlid people out here for a novice with no cichlid experience other than angelfish and multis. 

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Sitting next to a tank with yellow labs, acei, and rusty cichlids.  They get along fine.  The only problem I see with your proposal is the heavily planted idea.  They may devour or destroy your plants but you could give it a try.  I throw extra hornwort in mine and they mangle it in a day.  I do have a pothos growing out of the back.  They chew on the roots but that plant can take a beating.  I even have a x-ray tetra in there that was left from the old batch of fish.  They completely leave him alone.  Heck, he pretty much rules one side of the tank.  Hopefully they never figure out they are bigger than him.  Look at rustys.  If you get good ones with good color, they are awesome.

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