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Checking in from Northern San Diego county.  Thank you to the Co-op for creating this forum.  We have few local fish stores here, I have to drive about 35 minutes just to get my LFS.  Of course there is a Petco/Petsmart about every other mile.  The only fish I was ever able to keep alive from them were Cory's and platy's.  I've been in the hobby for about two yeas now, and in that short amount of time I've had 11 different setups.  We had tanks in each room at one point, but it just became too much.  Currently we have 5 tanks set up, and we're trying to figure out how to move forward.  My largest tank is a 100gal (50/50 split) which I want to modify so it's all one big tank.  I've picked up most of knowledge from the good ol interwebs, mostly Cory, KG tropicals, and Corveus.  We have local fish clubs, but they are very proper.  If anyone knows of a group of people here in San Diego that are into educating folks, please let me know.  Long intro, but I like fish keeping so I can ramble.  Nice to be here and look forward to learning and seeing your setups.

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