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Pleco Identification Help


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Hello, I bought this Pleco off Petco a few months ago, I have since forgotten what species it is. Can someone tell me what species you think it is. I do recall its max size was less then 7 - 8 inches.  I thought it was called a butterfly Pleco or Salfin Pleco but the images look similar to me . Thank you.DB6765F0-B7D9-4503-842C-8356CC9AC703.jpeg.9b00bc4bd4ceeaad277de96c04e5ea34.jpeg



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7 minutes ago, Colu said:

It definitely a species of glyptoperichthys which are sold as salfin pleco but they usually get to bout 12-18in depending on species

Hello, thank you for your reply, he/she has tripled in size in less then two months, it’s already reaching the “max” size I was originally told by Petco. Before I bought it , I googled it as well based on the name on the glass and its max size was only 6/8 inches, but I believe your right and it’s a salfin pelco 

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