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Red tail shark not growing


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I have had my red tail shark for roughly 10 months now. I got him at about 1.5inches and he’s probably only grown up to 1.8-2inches. 
I know he’s meant to be a lot bigger by now and I’m pretty sure the issue is that at feeding time he doesn’t get to eat much because he’s focused on chasing the tiger barbs. 
does anyone know how I can make sure my red tail shark gets more to eat? 
he’s very active and has no issues besides the growth. He eats every day but just very little. 

Any advice and shared experiences would be highly appreciated. Thanks! 

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Their staples are pellets, flake, live and frozen foods. The issue I believe is how can I get my red tail shark to focus on the food instead of chasing the barbs at feeding time. Do you have any suggestions? (I can’t move him to another tank for now) 


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Yes I have Hikari pellets 2 different ones. I have new life spectrum pellets. I have algae wafers. I have live bloodworms and brine shrimp and both frozen. 
My tiger barbs are huge hahah but my red tail shark instead of eating he just chased my tiger barbs. 
should I take him out of that tank so that he can focus on eating? 
thank you for your time

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