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Sponge Filter - Crazy bubbles

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Aloha from Hawai'i!  New to the hobby and really enjoying it.  Been lurking on the Forum and shopping a lot on the website!

Just converted to AquariumCoop sponge filters.  They are terrific!  Have (2) Small filters in my 20gallon long and (1) nano in my 10gallon betta tank.  All working fine, however a few days ago the filter in my betta tank has gone crazy. 

Bubbles were accumulating in the corner of the tank and slowly popping but now the bubbles are on overload.  Checked water parameters and all is normal  PH: 7.4 / Ammonia: 0 / Nitrates + Nitrites: 0.

The only change is that I took out the sponge filter to clean it in tank water.  Has airstone.

Has anyone experienced this?  Any suggestions?

Really appreciate any feedback.  Mahalo.


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I was watching a Youtube video Cory did where he discussed the sponge filters and how to make adjustments like Maggie mentioned but this issue didn't come up.  As mentioned, the Ziss airstone can be turned to adjust bubbles and your air pump may have an adjustment to increase/decrease air flow.  Maybe @Cory could offer any additional thoughts.


Here is the sponge filter video I was talking about



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Yes! That did the trick.  Bubbles are popping once it hits the surface.  When I received the sponge filters I went straight to Cory's video and paused it during each step of set up!  Must have missed the part about the airstone being adjustable.  Thank you so much!😃    @ZoeyFish        @Maggie


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