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Greetings from Oregon!


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Hello everyone! My name is Sydney and I live in Roseburg Oregon. I kept fish as a child in a bowl, and in August of this year I bought a 6.8 gallon tank and dove right into this hobby. Currently I have a betta, pond snails, baby Ramshorn snails, and plants in the 6.8 (50W heater). I also got a 20H I got at the end of October because my betta had killed two nerite snails I tried to add, and then I noticed him pecking at my grandpa Ramshorn snails so I moved the snails into the 20H. Currently in the 20H (aquarium co-op sponge filter no heater), I have 2 grandpa Ramshorn snails, an assassin snail, a bunch of pond snails, 4 horned nerite snails, 4 low grade cherry shrimp (they were culls), and a bunch of plants. I included images of the 6.8 and the 20H but the 20H has algae on the glass so the image isn't too great. The 6.8 gallon tank I have has a built in sump filter that I do not like and I have been running the sump at the lowest setting I can and have a sponge filter going with the usb nano air pump. Is this too much flow for my betta fish?



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