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Hi new guy just learning


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Hi all new to the hobby(tank has been up for just over 3 months) and new to the forum. Been watching youtube co-op for a while. I have a 65 gallon freshwater heated to 78 degrees also live plants not sure what is there, should have paid attention when the wife was picking the ones she liked.  Bottom is plant substrate under aqurium gravel with some sand in spots. The tank has some drift wood and rock. The back is clear with gray wall behind it and it has a 36 inch aquasky 2.0 led. I have a smaller canister filter , small sponge filter and small power head. Currently there are 1 betta, 12 endlers, 3 fancy guppies, above all are males,  8 leopard corys, 6 green tetra, 3 otos, 2 plecos, 6 kuhlis(these are probably a bit out of place but I love them and hope they are not over stressed they seem good) , not sure how many cherry shrimp, 3 rams horn and a mess of snails. Snails are do to last couple plants I bought and lack of paying attention/cleaning them well before adding to the tank. Look forward to being an active part of this forum and asking what im sure will be silly questions(already have a few lol). Sorry for the run on but wanted to be more detail then hey I got a tank with stuff and fish. Thanks to all in advance. 

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