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-Bettas- Strange White Fins For Months Now Increasing


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I got my betta Radio from a local fish store around the beginning of this year and he's been doing really well. A few months ago around September I noticed his fins beginning to whiten. I immediately went and bought treatment for bacterial infections. I assumed it was fin rot but I was confused. His water parameters, space, live plants, everything was in great condition and care. I still treated him for a good month and did water changes but- no improvement. Eventually it stopped spreading but the color didn't return. Now months later its really hit him hard. Its never affected his appetite, personality, or anything. Just his appearance. I notice it spread to scales and now his gills. He's starting to have good days and bad days. Some where he's weak and tired. Some where he's perfectly normal. I just really want to help him so I tried treating again with bettafix and what not for his fins and scales. I've researched everything there is on the internet, YouTube, etc. and can't find a single thing on what it is. I have no lead on what it is. I was wondering if I could just get some help. I'm not really looking for treatment as I don't think I can do anything else other than let him live his life out. Today was one of his worse days yet, Just laying in his floating hammock décor by the surface. His mouth is tipped to the surface but he isn't gasping or showing signs of dying at all. I've noticed after starting treatment again his fins are flaking at the ends where the whiteness has been for a long time, maybe it's trying to clear? I would think if its a color change he wouldn't get "sick" or act that way.


Update: Radio's condition has accelerated in an extreme amount. He's been gasping and moving in very spastic ways, his fins and scales look awful, fins are all clamped, he's tipped sideways and I still have no idea what happened to him or what caused this to happen. He'll probably die soon, I would have humanly euthanized him so he wouldn't have to suffer anymore but I don't have the necessities to do so. Hopefully I can find a lead to what it was. 

Please note Radio is in a separate tank in these images while he's being watched and treated. It is a temporary tank with a heater, filter live plants, air stone, etc. 





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its defentley not finrot. In fin rot the fins don't change that drasticlly and usaully just the tips have changed to like a "transparent or a whiteish" color. You would also start seeing the fins are more "ragged". This is a crowntail betta, so his fins are like that naturally, as I said before, nothing to worry about.

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