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Confusion on treating disease


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If I have a sick Molly fish and remove him from community tank to hospital tank, should I put any type of "treatment" into the community tank to make sure nothing is spread?  


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Rubbing on bottom of tank, laying on bottom of tank, not really moving.  Possible pop eye.   He has been with me about 3 months, however, this group was never QT'd.  I did not know about that at the time.  

I have given him the trio (Ichx, Maracyn, Paracleanse in my hospital tank.   

I did a 30% water change on Friday and chemical water checks yesterday and all good.  

Just noticed this AM, I drink my coffee in front of tank and always try to check that everyone is present and ok. 

Just worried about his tank mates.  55gal. tank.


Thanks. any suggestions appreciated.  

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If you don’t see any behaviors similar to the one I don’t know that I would worry about it. If your tank is small enough a lot of people around here would still treat them all. Depending on species a lot of fish come in with parasites. When I first learned about the trio I dosed my whole tank to make sure everyone was good. 

Now I use salt in my QT with everything that comes in. 

is the QT’d fish eating? 

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