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Taco Playz

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Hello I am a big fan of Aquarium Co Op and I have been in the hobby since I was young, I have 6 tanks

10 gallon geriatric tank with 3 2 year old platies and 1 four year old Indian glass fish named Kiwi

10 gallon Pest snail tank for baby guppies

5 gallon 1 male endler and 2 female guppies

4 gallon male betta tank

3 gallon pest snail tank

29 gallon tank, I just aquascaped it and now I am waiting to put water in it

It will have 1 albino BN pleco or a school of cory cats, Male and Female kribs, and 3 guppies to serve as dither fish for the Kribs

Nice to meet you guys,




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