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Food for pygmy corydoras


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It is my first time posting on this forum so please excuse any mistakes I may have inadvertently made!

About 2 months ago I got 8 pygmy corys from a breeder, and they were doing great for a while. I accidently left the heater off after a water change, and they got pretty cold - probably just to 70 but maybe as low as 65. After plugging the heater back in, they are definitly more skittish and seem to be much less fat than they were. I attached an earlier picture but I am having trouble getting one now, because they don't seem to be chowing down on any food or coming out to eat. They don't look sick, just skinny. 

I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on getting them to eat. 

Currently I have Vibra Bites, Repashy Soylent Green, Bug Bites, Hikari Sinking Wafers and Bottom Feeder and they don't seem to be going after any of it in the two-ish weeks since the heater incident. 

Thanks so much for any advice.


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4 hours ago, Andy's Fish Den said:

Any sinking pellets, frozen brine shrimp, You may not see them actively eating, but they are, more likely after the tank lights go off.


8 hours ago, Marc said:

I have both pygmy and dwarf corys and I almost never actually see them eat, just foraging and often passing right by food. It's a mystery me what they are actually eating.

Thanks guys! I will stop worrying about it so much. They just look so skinny compared to when I got them.

I have some frozen brine shrimp for my betta, I will try that again.

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