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Hobby related books/antiques/cool stuff.

Ben (mtsa) malik

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Nice, I kept a couple old Aquarium Fish Magazines lying around from back in the 90s but I recycled the rest.

20201206-20201206_191144.jpg.d0fb6cf526ccc472c9c20a4d3cab2c3d.jpgI am so glad that I kept by Baensch Aquari um Atlas Books even though I left the hobby for over 20 years.


I would not give up the Internet for anything now.  It is literally the single biggest advancement for my fishkeeping, and I have learned more in a year than the other 8 years with books and magazines.  I was just remembering going to the library back in the day to find more material on a walk today - going through the microfiche looking for specific articles.

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