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Co2 injections

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It's kind of hard to go into details since this topic is such a broad topic. There's multiple ways of injecting co2 into a tank, and each one has its pros/cons. There's plenty of good YouTube videos on the subject that can walk you through the different methods and ways to execute them. I feel like that would be a lot better since they can go more in depth into this topic than a forum post could. Ill link some that I watched when I was doing my research

The water box has a great series that go through different methods and how to set them up. This is Part 1

Aquarium COOP

FishForThought video on diy co2

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3 hours ago, Cheyenne said:

doing a bit of research and how should I do this with an existing planted setup w/ several breeds of fish and shrimp (1yr old) and NOT kill everyone? Start intro slow ? And how ? 

If you're sure you want to dive into CO2 (and it's really not that difficult, and your plants get really happy really fast) and you have the upfront funds, then I would skip all the DIY/bell/fluval kit stuff and just order a 5lb, 10lb, or 20lb cylinder online*, spend the $150 for the CO2Art regulator, get a WiFi timer, and you'll have a good set-it-and-forget-it system. Read articles about KH, PH, and CO2 and you'll get an idea how to make sure you don't kill your fish -- the key here is starting slow, and using a high quality regulator.

*see if your local CO2 supply fills cylinders rather than exchanges them, might be able to get a used cylinder cheaply

I just recently set up and dialed in the CO2 for my 40 breeder and my 90 gallon custom, so let me know if you have any questions.

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I've ordered everything I need off of Amazon and co2 art..waiting for it all to arrive this week. My main concern is "how" to start this slow....I've read to start injections hr prior to lights on and off 1 hr before lights go out.  Should I just do an hr of injections every other day..and work up to every day then longer ect  til I'm at all day long? Thats what I was gonna try anyway. 

I'll check out the other forums too

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