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Peroxide dip vs spraying for algae control


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I've been trying to dial in the planted tank for quite a while now, and created an algae farm in the process.  I hired a small cleanup crew a week ago, and they are just now figuring out what their purpose is.  To consume excess Nitrates I had a large Hornwort island along with some Anacharis ...in addition to the other plants.   

The Hornwort became a mess of green hair algae, and was decimated by an Alum dip.  General peroxide treatments (weeks later) have almost wiped out the remaining Hornwort.  The Anacharis is doing  very well, but became habitat for black hair algae, and BBA.  The Anacharis doesn't seem to be bothered by the peroxide.

The Anacharis is restricting the water flow , light, and food.  It needs to be trimmed and put in a different tank along with some Wisteria plantlets  The primary question is this:   Is a peroxide dip or out of tank spray going to be more effective against the algae without being lethal to the Anacharis or Wisteria?  Or do I quarantine the cuttings and give them a peroxide treatment.


Nitrates: 20-40, Nitrites & Ammonia: 0, Hardness: 300, chlorine: 0, KH: 60, PH: 6.8-7

DIY Lighting: 2650 lumens at 6 hours 

Hair Algae.jpg

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I would also increase light to go with your higher nitrate levels.

I have had good luck spot treating with flourish excel, but have found that my fish do NOT like it. My method has been to do out of water treatments by draining the tank to the required level, and treating the plant (paint directly on or squirt with syringe), then refilling and doing a second rapid water change. The algae will fizz but look otherwise fine. In a few days you will find it is gone, and the plant remains. This will take persistence across weeks to get in front of, and simply trimming the affected leaves off fast growing plants is much better. But it has saved a bucephelandra and some christmas moss in my tank.

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