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65 gallon stocking ideas


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Good afternoon all,

I would love some thoughts on additional fish for my tank. Thanks in advance! 

I have an established 65 gallon tank, Ph 7.4, heavily planted, fluval 407, with 30% water changes every other week. 

Current stock (lost some fish a while back when the city, unbeknownst to me, dumped a ton of chlorine in the water so that’s why some of these groupings are a off). 

Neon Rainbow 2

Bosemani Rainbow 3

Turquoise 1 

Julii Cory 5

Rummy nose tetra 9 (spawning, but the big guys eat them up) 

Honey gourami 1 

Bristlenose pleco - 2 

Variety of nerite and mystery snails 12


I was thinking of adding 6 more rummy nose tetras and then perhaps another larger fish or two - Denison barb, rams, etc. 


I welcome any ideas you have on a good group of schooling fish or another centerpiece piece / pair of fish. 

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If it was my tank I'd add to the existing groups of fish instead of adding new types, especially the rainbowfish and honey gourami, but it wouldn't hurt to add a few more of the corydorus trillineatus (usually sold as julii, but really aren't, so I assume that's what you have).

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