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Hello Everyone


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Hi Everyone,

I know I have met some of you in either the chat or youtube, but if not, my name is Steve and I live in northeastern CT with my girlfriend and our two bull terriers. 

I kept fish when I was a kid but recently got back into about two years ago now.  I started with a 39 gallon and decided to plant it.  Its a fairly basic community tank with couple pleco and cory cats, along with an angel fish.  About a year ago I set up a 10 gallon tank for my girlfriend because she wanted shrimp.  I battled that for about 8 months and I did ultimately figure out the problem of why they kept dying, but i had to totally strip down the tank to do it.  Now I am breeding guppies in that tank.  I did plant that one as well from propagations from the 39 gallon.  

I am still fairly new and I always have questions, but I also do plenty of research as well.  It took me so long to join the forum though because we also do a nice size garden and that has pretty much come to an end, so I figured I would join the fun!  

Attached are a couple pictures of how I started my planted tank and what it ended up becoming. 

Looking forward to talking with you,


new tank.png

Tank after 2 years.jpg

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I love your tank! Mine started out a bit sparse and more simple. Then I kept shoving plants in left and right. Now there are a lot of plants. I went the smart and cheaper route with my most recent tank. Minimal hardscape since I knew it would become a plant pile in short order.


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