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API Aquaspin - Digital Water Testing


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I heard about this digital testing unit watching @Fish Room Fever tonight. Has anyone tried it? It looks like it might be marketed towards retail and maintenance operations.

I know we have some lab nerms here!


Presenting API AQUASPIN, a cutting-edge technology that combines speed and accuracy for the best aquarium and pond water analysis results anywhere, all in just two minutes!


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7 hours ago, Paul said:

It is expensive. So it runs from about $640.00 to just short of $900.00.

I guess I'll stick with the $30 liquid test kit then!! Plus you have to buy single-use disks at $150 for only 50? Yikes. How could anyone doing water testing as part of an aquarium maintenance business make any money with this? 

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Not to speak for my LFS but making money on the testing was never in the reasoning for getting the machine. At $5 a test with a cost of $3 per disc you're looking at roughly 1300 to 1800 tests before breaking even on the machine.

 It definitely makes an impact on customer service though. Results in 2 minutes vs 5, 10, 20 minutes makes a big difference along with a digital readout vs. refencing a color scale to a customer. Also, this frees up employees that are no longer tied up doing the testing that can now help customers. I dare say the employees are also a lot happier now that they don't have to do the dropper style testing.

In terms of accuracy, I believe it to be at least as accurate as the master test kits from what information I've found. Most likely it's more accurate since it removes 2 forms of human error often over looked: inconsistency with the drops and individual color perception variance. 

Just my 2 cents on the topic.

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