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Hiya Fishy Folks!

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Just wanted to stop in and say hiya to everyone! My name is Michael and I have a small YT channel and website called Michael's Fish Room. I am just a dumb guy with a camera who breeds and sells guppies and plecos from my 60 tank fishroom. I hope to help when I can!

I have a question for you guys......What is your favorite type of guppy?



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Greetings! Right now I have some Ginga Rubra guppies- found them cheap on aquabid a while back and thought they were so pretty. I also like albino red delta tail guppies, but have had terrible luck breeding them... and keeping them alive. 😢 The Ginga Rubras are treating me MUCH better. Then again, I have a lot more experience now.

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favorite line strain has to be the albino sky blue guppies. 

if im nitpicking it would have to be this hybrid albino blue/red guppy I made on accident my one of my albino red males getting into the albino blue side of the tank. i have him in with a non albino female that looks very similar to him, seeing if i can replicate this 

my hybrid albino guppy.jpg

my hybrid albino guppy 2 .jpg

my hybrid albino guppy 3 .jpg

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