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Is there a secret to feeding Xtreme Sinking Wafers?  I have had no luck getting my Bristlenose plecos to eat these.  I have the parents and over a hundred growouts in a tank together, and the Xtreme Sinking Wafers are the last food eaten in the tank.  The plecos love French cut green beans, zucchini, Hikari Algae Wafers, and any leftovers from the other fish.  I am going to move on to another sinking food or go back to Hikari if I cannot get the plecos to eat these more readily.

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Thanks for the answers.  The plecos jump right on the Hikari wafers.  @Coluare those those the new nature or old formula Sera Wood Chips?  My Clown Loach and Corys used to love the old Sera Vipachips Tropical Crisps, but the new Nature formula Sera Vipachips Staple Food does not get eaten as quickly.  I could hear the Clown Loach clicking away happily every day with the old formula.

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