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UV sterilizer turned water black??


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I added a UV sterilizer I had laying around to a 29 gallon that is empty at the moment. I had a bad outbreak of columnaris in the tank and I’m leaving it for fallow for 6-8 weeks to try to reduce pathogen levels in the tank. Last night when I added the UV sterilizer the tank was clear with no tint to the water whatsoever. This morning the tankwater has a dark tint to looks almost purple compared to the typical brown tannin stain. 


Has anyone seen this before? Any ideas on a possible cause? 

This is the normal state of the tank water for reference


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hmm. I wonder... if you put it in a white container what color is it? I think mine has done this, when the free floating algae is dying. A water change usually solved the issue. I always assumed it was dead algae particles just refracting the light and background color. In a cup the water looked clear.

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