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For the last4-5 days my Gold Saum has had this protrusion sticking from her vent. At first I thought it was a prolapse as many speculated so I set up a hospital tank for her and moved her in. Epsom salts the on the way. ..... BUT as soon as I moved her, and before any Epsom salts were in the water, it (the protrusion) went back in. 

So ... then I  thought ok maybe it’s an egg tube? Now it’s back out again. Really need some help here. Don’t wanna medicate if it’s just an egg tube but it looks much bigger than any egg tube I’ve seen in research. Also it is housed with a male gold Saum and I’d love to breed them but a Jack Dempsey in the tank is a mean bastard and won’t let them nest. I’m thinking he might have to be moved into the separate tank. Please help. The pics are in order from originally cause for alarm, then retraction after I moved her, then it’s back but smaller. What’s going on??? I’d love to breed these guys!

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