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Yet another hiccup to face!

Karen B.

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Because I am probably the worst fish keeper on planet earth, of course even after going through all these trouble to get the quarantine med trio, treating my fish couldn’t go smoothly.

Water started getting cloudy yesterday. One of my guppy have been swimming in place at the top left all day. I tested the water and I have .25 nitrite and .10 nitrate! 

I added a dose of Seachem prime as I am only in my 2nd day of treatment and can’t do waterchange. Is there anything else I should do? If I keep dosing prime every 2 days for the remaining 5 days, will I overdose the fish?

Thank you! 

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If the fish seem healthy they probably are. Here is a chart from one my aquariums from last month. As you can see there was nearly a week of the nitrites being 2.0 on the API Freshwater Master Test kit.


And the graph:

And the tank was cloudy too.
16 Nov 2020 - Dirt
But my angelfish and guppies in the aquarium were perky, active and hungry so I didn't let the numbers worry me. And in a few days the nitrites settled down and the tank cleared.
So the question you have to ask yourself, is it just the one fish? Do the other fish seem distressed? Do the fish have good appetites?


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I have the same issue as well after I used the med trio cloudy water, which is a bacteria spike. But I just read the other day about not using a sulfer water conditioner (prime) with ich x. Not sure if this is true or just another person talking out their butt. Maybe someone else can chime in. 

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