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New plants Stauogyne Repens and Ammannia Gracilis

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I have jsut received my order  of new plants. I was wondering whats the best/recommended way to plant them into the substrate. In the past i have usually taken them out of the black plants and surrounding substrate they come in and plant them before they melt and re-emerge. Is this the most optimal way or should i leave them in their pots ontop of the substrate and wait for them to melt before planting? Or should i jsut remove the plastic cage pots and plant them in the substrate with the brown stuff that holds their roots.  And should if i plant them now before the melt back should i add in root tabs or wait?


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Personally I always remove plants from the pots and wool, then place the plant directly into the substrate. Some people leave them in the pot (or put the pot in the easy planter) and eventually the roots will grow out of the pot and into the substrate.

Usually potted plants come with enough greens that you can separate them into plantlets and place over a larger area in the tank.

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Hello! I always take them out of the black pot and the rockwool. And separate them into portions for planting.

I would add root tabs as your planting them, makes it easier since you're already in there. The plants wont be able to access it just yet, because their root structures aren't fully settled in yet, they will be using their reserved nutrients or nutrients gather by their leaves. But once established, they will start feeding from the root tabs.


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