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Junk Tank now has a Flipper


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I usually keep what I call a 'Junk Tank'. I don't quarantine my fish, so maybe if I had a quarantine tank it would be the Junk Tank.


These reason for a Junk Tank is have a place to dump things that need to stay wet. In mine I have:

  • plants I never got around to planting
  • spare snails
  • extra mulm
  • Apistogramma eggs

I have a pair of Apistogramma nijsenni in a crowded 40 gallon breeder (with no filter and rare water changes for the 'how many filters do I need in X gallons crowd') that spawn relentlessly. Of course the fry don't make because they get eaten by the all the swordtails, zebra danios, sparking gouramis, and guppies.

But on a whim I dropped the breeding coconut shell where mom always lays her eggs in the Junk Tank. Problem was I couldn't see them.

I think I may have solved the problem with this thing, the 'Flipper', which is a magnifying glass with a double magnet on it.


Here is what it looks like looking through the Flipper.


I can now see the little red eggs.

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