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Guppy Lose Color During Quarantine Phase


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I am just finishing up the quarantine 7 days, last day of quarantine  and noticed couple of guppies are losing color. is it something i need to be worried . what could be the reason?, and i will do the water change and start the regular food schedule starting tomorrow.

do i have to move the losing color ones to another tank or some disease ? water parameters are stable. i have two hang back filters with high flow of water though.



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I suspect the reason we do a water change and give them 7 days of rest after a quarantine dose is that it can be hard on them. I don't think I'd move them elsewhere. Just keep an eye on them after the WC and for the next few days. 

I did lose a few White Clouds during my 2nd dosing the last quarantine I went through. But I was grateful in a way that whatever they were sick with would not be carried to my larger tanks and fish population. 

Let us know how they do! 🙂 

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