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Best fry food and feeding schedule for small killifish fry

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I am making a second attempt at growing out a group of clown killifish for a try at a future large colony. First attempt ended with one female making it out of quarantine. Any suggestions for foods to try? I was considering incorporating golden pearls with the standard BBS and coop fry food. Not yet experienced with the killifish fry or extremely small juveniles. Thanks much.

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When I had my clown killies (which I LOVED), I kept lots of live plants in the tank along with driftwood and a sponge filter to encourage lots of micro-foods to grow, and I made sure that they got prepared food every day. This was before I started hatching out brine shrimp so I just fed them quality crushed up flake food. I think the natural micro-foods were more important though since I had fry randomly appear and I never target fed them. They liked swimming through my salvinia roots. I would recommend live/frozen baby brine, the Co-op fry food, and Sera micron since that's what I have fed my other small killies. Good luck!

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