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API Bettafix or Fritz Maracyn?


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Hi everyone, just wondering if API Bettafix or Fritz Maracyn are the same thing to cure fin rot on a betta.

I think my Betta has a fin rot problem, I'm not sure but from all I've seen that is what it looks like. He used to be a Betta Moon, now his tail has grown so much that I thought that was normal, but the tail is not even anymore so that makes me think he has thin rot.

Any suggestion is appreciate it.

Bellow a comparison before and after so you can help me out if he is suffering form thin rot...




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Houston we got a another problem!!!! He constipated too ☹️


Looking a the picture I've posted here in this thread, I've notice a lump beneath his gills then when I got home went to check on him and it seemed weird so I made some research and whoala Constipation...now I have no clue how to treat that...I've read that salt could be one thing, then peas or Daphnia.

Since I've been medicating him with Api Bettafix I don't know if is a good idea to mix medications?


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