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Columbian blue tetra


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I had 12columbain blue tetras in a 50gallon  for 14month in the last 4monthsthey have bein dieing one after another start dieing one by one with no symptoms they are eating ok swining ok but then just go funny and can't swin and are dead with in a day  all my water conditions are fine ph6.8 0 nitire 0 nitrate 0 ammonia I have very soft water temp is 25 treated with maracy 1 and maracyn two and general cure salt has had no effect one Keeps dieing every and  4 to 6weeks i have keeped fish for 20years only ever had white spot before have treated for bacterial and parasites  I am going to try ich X am out of ideas one of my fish stop eating to night  and is hiding  the plants the odd thing is have 10xray tetra  and 2 ancsturs in same and have had no problems with them 

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