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Can replanting a plant hurt it?


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So I’ve had my planted tank for about a month and a half. I have eco complete substrate and so far the plants are doing great. I have 2 cryptocoryne plants planted directly behind my dwarf aquarium Lilly. I dramatically underestimated the growth I’d get out of the aquarium Lilly and it has basically created a canopy over the crypt, completely blocking them from view and light. 

Ok, to the point finally... Is it harmful to the crypt to uproot them and move them? I haven’t placed any root tabs or anything yet as the eco complete still seems to be doing it’s job. So I guess I’m torn wether it’s more harmful to move the plants or leave them partially obstructed.

Thanks everyone!

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Harm...no. But you'll see growth slow or stop until it reestablishes itself. Possibly anywhere from a week to a month+ depending on the plant and probably other factors. Some minor melting is also possible but shouldn't be crazy that's usually cause by a big change in water parameters or shipping. I've never had my crypts melt noticeably from moving them around/between my tanks but some people do. 

Also just so you know ecocomplete is considered an inert substrate. There's some debate about it if provides some micronutrients, but it definitely does not provide macros so tabs will most likely benefit your crypts once they're reestablished. 

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