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Care Packages for C.A.R.E. Forum Members!

Lizzie Block

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Congratulations to all the members that received a care package you all deserve it .. I  am so tickled  happy that you are getting spoiled .

i love this forum I do not get in here as much as I want .. but I come here and Aquarium-Co- op  first if i need advice or fish products .. plus ...there is no one or fish club or fish store near me it is nice to have this forum to come talk fish and tanks .

I have had a tank29 gallon and fake plants for  14 years but upgradesd to a bigger tank added live  plants this forum and members and Aquarium a co-op  team has been allot of help to me while I am setting up my new tank and new plants   ..

so a big thank you to the members for all the help 

Thank  You Aquarium Co-Op  team  for the Care Packages to the members of the forum very thoughtful ,, you guys are the best 

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@StreetwiseThis is my first night on the platform. I'm still learning - sorry if this isn't the right forum. I'm attempting to reply to your Sept. 2020 comment about starting a tank journal. I am going to keep looking, but I'm not finding where to go on here for that. Also, sorry if you're not an admin - if you can direct me to the proper place, much obliged! Thanks, R.

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Hey everyone! I haven't posted on this thread for some time, so it's time for a revival 😄 Meaning more Care Packages for a few of our favorite forum participators! These folks have been positively contributing and helping the community for awhile now, so let's give them our appreciation for their journals, posts and helpful experience - 

The Care package recipients this round will be.......... *drumroll*




We thank you for all you do in this community and for helping to make it a place for learning, understanding and most of all - fun!  Hope you enjoy all your Care package goodies and hope to see you around in the future! And if I don't have your shipping address already, I'll be sending a pm on here soon. Thanks all, see you on the next one ~

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