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Panda Cory dead - red blotch or injury on its side.


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I found one of my Panda Cory's dead this morning,  Had a red blotch or injury on his left side.  Seemed fine yesterday.  I check tank daily since I have had a few other Cory issues.  Not sure if I should do a preventative dose of meds or if this was an injury. I have lost 3 Panda's from this shipment.  One arrived dead, one died of fungus and now this - red blotch death.  

Tank parameters are all great.  Water change on every Friday.  

55gal tank. 

Tank mates:  6 honey gourami, 9 Harlequin Rasboro, 7 molly, 2 mystery snail, and 4 (-1 now) Panda Cory. 

I did the trio in QT, did Paracleanse on week3 and did Maracyne and IckX when fungus happened.  All other fish seem ok.  


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Do you think I should treat the whole tank,? Is this contagious to the other fish? I listed tank mates above, or should I wait to see if I get anymore with the same symptoms.  The water conditions are all good.  I am checking every few days and do approx. 30% water change on Fridays. 

67 years old and all this is new.   learning by what seems to be lots of mistakes. 😕


again, thanks so much.

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